Pike is committed to safety

Committment to safety

Safety is paramount in the electrical industry – and at Pike, we take our commitment to safety extremely seriously.

As a full-service EPC company, we’re mindful of the importance of safety in every aspect of our business.

To that end, our leadership team works closely with employees and customers to ensure safety. From education and training, to program audits and safety inspections, we factor safety into every project we engineer and construct.

Pike doesn’t just say we’re committed to a safety culture. We believe in it, instill it, and live by it.

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Click here here to view our Corporate Safety Report. This report is a summary of our safety management system, the Stay Safe Program. It gives statistics, outlines safety and training programs that are currently in use and lists upcoming initiatives for continuous improvement towards our goal of achieving zero incidents.

Pike is a proud member of the OSHA Transmission & Distribution Partnership, working together to improve safety.

Check out these eight safety and health Best Practices and answers to Frequently Asked Questions at powerlinesafety.org.