Remembering Joe B. Pike


It is with a heavy heart that I inform you of the passing of one of the founders of our company… my Dad, Joe B. Pike.

My Dad led our company out of its most difficult period during the mid-seventies and returned us to being a leader in our industry … which put us on the path we continue today. His quiet, steady, and strong leadership trained me, and many others, to continue a culture of integrity, innovation, and hard work.

Dad was a quiet and soft-spoken man who rarely looked for awards or admiration for all of his many accomplishments. Rather, he viewed his efforts as "doing his job" and protecting the company. He was viewed as a friend and trusted business partner by many of our largest and smallest customers. He believed every customer was important, whether they had one crew or many.

His efforts touched and improved so many lives from employees, customers and friends, and yet, even while running the company, he always made time to be a wonderful husband, father and grandfather.

I had the privilege of being his son for 46 years and his business partner for 18 years and I have been blessed to have had such a great teacher and Dad.

He is missed,


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Joe B. Pike


Joe improved so many lives from employees, customers and friends.
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