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Founded by Floyd Pike
Company founded - 1945

Floyd S. Pike Electrical Contractors was founded by Floyd s, Pike with entrepreneurial spirit, a motivated crew, and a salvaged truck.

Duke Power Company became Pike’s first customer –remains one of the company’s largest customer today.
Incorporation - 1953

Pike received its character and certificate of incorporation on July 1, 1953.

Appalachian Power Company and the City of Danville, Virginia, joined Duke Power Company as core customers.
Joe B.Pike Becomes President
Joe B.Pike Becomes President - 1975

Joe B.Pike Become President on June 11, 1975.

Joe had been trained in each of the field divisions and carried on the Pike tradition, saying, “Our company is ready to advance and obtain, at least its share, of the future growth that is coming to the electrical utilities.”
Duke's Single Source Provider
Duke’s Single Source Provider - 1992

Duke power granted an unprecedented contract with Pike for all of its distribution work, commenting that Pike was the only company considered as a single -source supplier. Pike’s ethical standards, outstanding people, and reliable equipments and service were cited as top decision factors.
New Corporate Headquarters
New Corporate Headquarters - 1997

Corporate headquarters moves from Riverside Drive to 100 Pike Way, in Mount Airy
J.Eric Pike President
J.Eric Pike President /Pike Electric - 1998

J.Eric Pike become the third generation President in august, 1998.

Like his father, Eric grew up with the company. He began his career with Pike as a lineman and worked his way up through various management positions.

When Eric took the office, the company elected to change its name to Pike Electric.
Lindsay Goldberg, Majority ownership
Lindsay Goldberg, Majority ownership - 2002

Control of the company changed hands in March, 2002, as the Lindsay Goldberg private equity group bought an 85 percent interest, initiating a thriving partnership.
Red Simpson is acquired
Red Simpson is acquired - 2004

Pike become the largest electric contractor in the south east with the acquisition of Red Simpson, a transmission and distribution contractor, in July, 2004.The merger expanded Pike’s footprint in Texas and Louisiana and brought additional core experience to the expanding Company.
IPO - 2005

After 59 years as a private company, Pike completed a successful IPO and became listed on the NYSE under the symbol PEC.

CEO J.Eric Pike rang the bell.
EDS Acquisition
EDS Acquisition/Energy Solutions - 2008

Pike acquired Shaw’s Energy Delivery Services, Inc. (EDS), encompassing engineering, design and substation expertise as well as increased geographic footprint coast-to-cost.

The merge provided inroads into the rapidly growing renewable energy market and an opportunity to Cross-sell new services to existing customers.

Pike become an Energy solution Company with turn –key services including engineering, design, construction and maintenance of transmission, distribution and Substation up to 500 kV.
Klondyke Construction LLC Acquisition
Klondyke Construction LLC Acquisition - 2010

Pike acquired Klondyke, encompassing construction and maintenance services, electric substation, transmission and distribution infrastructure. Klondyke also constructs renewable energy generation facilities.

The talented individuals that work for Klondyke coupled with their geographic location and union relationships will benefit Pike and Klondyke. This acquisition is consistent with our growth strategy and significantly expands our presence in the southwest.

Pike's siting, planning, and engineering capabilities now provide Klondyke the platform to pursue multiple large scale EPC projects simultaneously. This combination positions Klondyke to offer an even broader level of service to our customers.
Pine Valley Power Inc Acquisition
Pine Valley Power Inc Acquisition - 2011

Pike acquired Pine Valley Power, encompassing construction and maintenance services to the transmission and distribution, renewable energy, industrial water and mining industries.

Pine Valley Power talented team, geographic location and strong union relations will enable Pike Electric Corporation construct and maintain transmission and distribution infrastructure throughout the West.

This also bring tremendous renewable energy knowledge including geothermal electricity generation. Pine Valley Power combined with our Pike Energy Solutions West coast engineering offices and our Klondyke Construction business based in Phoenix, Arizona provide a great team to pursue large scale EPC projects in the West.
UC Synergetic Acquisition
UC Synergetic Acquisition - 2012

Pike acquired Synergetic Design Holdings, Inc. and its wholly owned subsidiary UC Synergetic, Inc., provides engineering and design services for electric utilities, distribution powerline projects, storm assessment and inspection services.