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ThermalRatePike's patented ThermalRate™ System determines the thermal rating of transmission lines and provides the ratings to the system operator in real-time. Static ratings are based on assumed, unfavorable weather conditions, so much of the line's real capacity is normally hidden. ThermalRate™ reveals unused line capacity and allows for higher steady-state and post-contingent flows, avoiding load shedding and allowing economic dispatch.

ThermalRate™ is a rugged and elegant solution, with no moving parts. It consists of ThermalRate™ Monitors (TRMs), which are installed along the line. The TRM is a replica of the line conductor, with the same material, diameter, and surface. It is oriented in the same direction as the line to establish how the present weather conditions are affecting the thermal capacity of the actual conductor. Standard IEEE-738 equations are used.

Since there is no contact with the actual line, installation is fast and inexpensive. No line outage is ever required for installation.

Each TRM includes wireless communications using the standard SCADA DNP3 protocol so system integration is simple. Both normal and emergency ratings are provided.

ThermalRate™ System Patent #6,441,603

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ThermalRate™ brochure ThermalRate™ Brochure

Contact Dan Lawry , ThermalRate™ Product Manager to discuss how Pike can provide an energy solution regarding rating of your lines.